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I’ve had severe neck and jaw pain for years, no one has been able to help! Can you look at my MRA or MRI’s?

Question: Would you be willing to look at my MRA and MRI’s on the neck jaw. I’ve been in debilitation, excruciating pain for the past couple of years. My head was twisted, repeatedly and cheeks on and pulled forward repeatedly at the same time my mouth was jarred opened beyond it’s capability. The upper jaw – cheeks were pushed up at the same time the lower jaw was pushed down on excessively. The radiologist cannot seem to find anything that would cause that much pain, but the pain is excruciating from the cheek, running down through the face and ear and into my collar bone and shoulder. Thank you for any help.

Answer: hi,
thanks so much for the question. although i would really like to help you, the point of this forum is to answer general questions and not directly to dispense medical advice to a particular person. hope that you find your answer to help you.

I have a scar but its on my face.

Question: Can a facial scar be removed with surgery?

Answer: Unfortunately, scars are not removed but just improved.  The goal is to take a scar that is very visible to the naked eye and make it much harder for one to see it even though there will still be a line there on close inspection.  The things that make a scar visible are if it is very straight, if it is of a different color than the surrounding skin, if it is at a different depth or convexity than the surrounding skin, if it is in a direction that runs counter to the normal lines on the face or if it is pulling unnaturally on surrounding tissues causing distortion.  Therefore, the goal of a scar revision is to improve all of these conditions.  When a linear scar is cut out and replaced with a line however it just looks like another line.  The goal is to make a line difficult to see by making it zig zag in minute little bends so that the eye has a hard time seeing it as a straight line.  This is visual trickery.  The gold standard of a scar revision is a geometric broken line repair that helps to truly irregularize a scar into tiny bends of triangles, trapezoids, etc. making it very hard to visualize if done well and if healing goes well.  This line can be further softened with dermabrasion down the road as need be.  Other methods like a z-plasty can be helpful to realign a scar that is misplaced in its direction i.e., that runs counter to the natural collagen lines of the face, or that is too shortened and contracted causing tissue distortion around it. A z-plasty is used to change the direction of a scar and to lengthen a contracted one.