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My side profile depresses me its ruining my life i have a really short face and my jaws are way out can you look at my pics and advice me

Question: Hi my side profile depresses me,its ruining my life I have a really short face and my jaws are way out.can you look at my pics and advice me please I’m desperate.

Answer: I am sorry that your profile is depressing you. Unfortunately, this Web site is not intended to give personal consultations. You should find a facial plastic surgeon on this Web site in your area for a consultation to discuss your concerns.

i need a facial plastic surgeon in new york city specializes rebuilding lips

Question: I need to find a facial plastic surgeon in New York city who specializes, or has extensive experience, in rebuilding lips. Following a skin graft to repair Mohs surgery over a year ago, I have lost the upper portion of my left upper lip.

Answer: The best thing to do is to go to the section of this Web site that lists surgeons in New York City who are members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. This Web site cannot specifically endorse a surgeon. However, you can find Facial Plastic Surgeons in the NYC area by going to that part of the site.

Is there a big difference between a facial plastic surgeon and a general plastic surgeon?

Question:Is it better to use a facial plastic surgeon for facial procedures? Or is a general plastic surgeon acceptable?

Answer: It is important to find a surgeon who is very experienced with the facial procedure that you are wanting to have performed.  Not every facial plastic surgeon performs every facial procedure, and the same is true for plastic surgeons who do body work in addition to facial work.  I believe a consultation with a qualified surgeon who is recognized in the field for the quality of his work for what you are wanting to be done is important.  Word of mouth and referrals are clearly good indications as to who could do the best work for you.

Is it possible to have two operations at the same time?

Question:Can I have a facelift and rhinoplasty at the same time?

Answer: In short yes. It depends on the health of the patient to have a longer procedure performed and if the surgeon is qualified to do both procedures and is willing to spend that time doing both procedures. Some surgeons may elect to split the procedure into two separate procedures; whereas some may desire to do both at the same time.

Do I have to stay over night after an Otoplasty surgery or…

Question: Is an otoplasty an out-patient procedure?

Answer: In general, yes. However, in some children, the procedure could be advisable to keep someone over night to help with postoperative discomfort and to help with care. Even though I perform my otoplasty cases as an outpatient, I cannot guarantee every surgeon has the same philosophy. If he believes that keeping someone overnight is advised, there is typically a good reason for it.

My chin is very diminished.

Question: Would I benefit from a chin implant procedure?

Answer: Of course, it is impossible to dispense medical advice directly on this web site.  However, a small chin in general does respond well to a chin implant procedure.  An important consideration when dealing with individuals with small chins refers to their dentition (their teeth).  Sometimes an individual with malocclusion (bad overbite or other problem with closing their mouth) may be better suited with a relatively bigger, more invasive procedure known as an orthognathic procedure.  Discussing your situation with a facial plastic surgeon, orthodontist, dentist, and/or oro-maxillo-facial surgeon may be helpful in figuring out what would be the best procedure for you.  If your teeth are not an issue or if orthodontic work is sufficient to make things relatively well aligned, then a chin implant can be a good, easy solution to your problem.

I’m interested in cosmetic injections

Question: How often do I need cosmetic injections after the first injections?

Answer: This really depends on so many factors.  First, areas of high mobility like the lips, smile lines, and areas around the mouth tend to suffer from absorption more readily than areas that are less mobile like the cheeks, under eyes, and temples.  Secondly, it depends on what products you are using, as some products have longer lasting timeframes in one’s body than others.  Third, it depends on how much product was placed, as placing more product may lead to relative persistence of the remaining product compared with placing very little product there. Fourth, it depends on your body’s metabolism of the product.  I have seen individuals hold products for years whereas other hold it for only a few months.  Variability truly sits with the individual person.  Speaking with your facial plastic surgeon who does your injections can help you determine based on all these factors what the likelihood of your product lasting a certain amount of time would be.

I had a botched rhinoplasty.

Question: Are there surgeons that perform corrective rhinoplasty surgeries?

Answer: Like everything there are specialists that can handle your problem.  Facial plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to operate on the nose since they have a great understanding of both the function and the cosmetic components of the nose.  As you know, the nose is a respiratory organ and must be respected as such since it is in charge of breathing, smell, humidification, and air cleaning.  A facial plastic surgeon who works often on the nose can help determine if your cosmetic and/or functional problem can be improved and to what extent.  An honest discussion with a surgeon you trust with the right credentials and experience can help you on your way to improving your situation.  Like in life, not everything can be perfectly corrected but hopefully your situation can be improved enough that you feel better about the way you look and about your nose.