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Ugly face

hello my name is jarred mora
an im tired of people looking weird at me, i just cant handle the ew looks, i want a face of hansome person, a face that would turns heads, well turn heads like who is that guy wow, everyday i have to look away at people because im so ugly, so i was wondering how much does a facial plastic surgery cost, an will it make me more hansome, a face of a hansome guy?

i am sorry that you feel that way about yourself. sometimes it is not about your looks but the way you feel and project yourself to others that make you feel that they are reacting negatively. plastic surgery oftentimes cannot completely transform someone into another person but can make a person look better in subtle and sometimes substantial ways. it is important also that you maybe seek a psychologist out to help you with this decision making as you do not want to have what is known as body dysmorphic disorder, which can negatively affect your impression of your surgical result. in consultation with a psychologist (possibly) and a facial plastic surgeon can help you achieve your stated desires.

Is there a big difference between a facial plastic surgeon and a general plastic surgeon?

Question:Is it better to use a facial plastic surgeon for facial procedures? Or is a general plastic surgeon acceptable?

Answer: It is important to find a surgeon who is very experienced with the facial procedure that you are wanting to have performed.  Not every facial plastic surgeon performs every facial procedure, and the same is true for plastic surgeons who do body work in addition to facial work.  I believe a consultation with a qualified surgeon who is recognized in the field for the quality of his work for what you are wanting to be done is important.  Word of mouth and referrals are clearly good indications as to who could do the best work for you.

Do I have to stay over night after an Otoplasty surgery or…

Question: Is an otoplasty an out-patient procedure?

Answer: In general, yes. However, in some children, the procedure could be advisable to keep someone over night to help with postoperative discomfort and to help with care. Even though I perform my otoplasty cases as an outpatient, I cannot guarantee every surgeon has the same philosophy. If he believes that keeping someone overnight is advised, there is typically a good reason for it.

My chin is very diminished.

Question: Would I benefit from a chin implant procedure?

Answer: Of course, it is impossible to dispense medical advice directly on this web site.  However, a small chin in general does respond well to a chin implant procedure.  An important consideration when dealing with individuals with small chins refers to their dentition (their teeth).  Sometimes an individual with malocclusion (bad overbite or other problem with closing their mouth) may be better suited with a relatively bigger, more invasive procedure known as an orthognathic procedure.  Discussing your situation with a facial plastic surgeon, orthodontist, dentist, and/or oro-maxillo-facial surgeon may be helpful in figuring out what would be the best procedure for you.  If your teeth are not an issue or if orthodontic work is sufficient to make things relatively well aligned, then a chin implant can be a good, easy solution to your problem.

I have a scar but its on my face.

Question: Can a facial scar be removed with surgery?

Answer: Unfortunately, scars are not removed but just improved.  The goal is to take a scar that is very visible to the naked eye and make it much harder for one to see it even though there will still be a line there on close inspection.  The things that make a scar visible are if it is very straight, if it is of a different color than the surrounding skin, if it is at a different depth or convexity than the surrounding skin, if it is in a direction that runs counter to the normal lines on the face or if it is pulling unnaturally on surrounding tissues causing distortion.  Therefore, the goal of a scar revision is to improve all of these conditions.  When a linear scar is cut out and replaced with a line however it just looks like another line.  The goal is to make a line difficult to see by making it zig zag in minute little bends so that the eye has a hard time seeing it as a straight line.  This is visual trickery.  The gold standard of a scar revision is a geometric broken line repair that helps to truly irregularize a scar into tiny bends of triangles, trapezoids, etc. making it very hard to visualize if done well and if healing goes well.  This line can be further softened with dermabrasion down the road as need be.  Other methods like a z-plasty can be helpful to realign a scar that is misplaced in its direction i.e., that runs counter to the natural collagen lines of the face, or that is too shortened and contracted causing tissue distortion around it. A z-plasty is used to change the direction of a scar and to lengthen a contracted one.

I had a botched rhinoplasty.

Question: Are there surgeons that perform corrective rhinoplasty surgeries?

Answer: Like everything there are specialists that can handle your problem.  Facial plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to operate on the nose since they have a great understanding of both the function and the cosmetic components of the nose.  As you know, the nose is a respiratory organ and must be respected as such since it is in charge of breathing, smell, humidification, and air cleaning.  A facial plastic surgeon who works often on the nose can help determine if your cosmetic and/or functional problem can be improved and to what extent.  An honest discussion with a surgeon you trust with the right credentials and experience can help you on your way to improving your situation.  Like in life, not everything can be perfectly corrected but hopefully your situation can be improved enough that you feel better about the way you look and about your nose.