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clinical trials

Hi my name is Anthony Campfield. I have been taking antiretroviral drugs over 20 years. I have developed atrophy. My face has sunken in on both sides and on the temper region. I have tried sculptra but to no avail. Is there a clinical trial that i could get into to restore my face to almost permanent? This condition has cause me to have low self esteem and confidence. Thanks, your help would be deeply appreciated.

I am currently unaware of any “clinical trials” for corrective HIV related volume loss. however, there are many fillers that are both temporary and permanent other than Sculptra that may be able to work better for you. i would consult a facial plastic surgeon in your area. see the list of members on this Web site.

i am considering plastic surgery due to a congenital problem

Question: Hi, I am considering plastic surgery due to a congenital problem. My face has no dimension and appears flat. I have seen a few doctors regarding my concern, but I feel they both have steered me into what they feel most comfortably performing. One says surgery, (cheek implants) and the other says injections of restaline, juvederm, or sculptra.. I am desperately looking for a Doctor who specializes in facial reconstruction and would be willing to travel out of state. Can you tell me what type of Doctor’s advice I should be seeking? Should they be certified in both maxio-facial as well as cosmetic? I’m so confused. One Doctor I saw only has the title of MD but yet does cosmetic procedures for the entire body. Thank you.

Answer: Unfortunately, there is an inherent bias with every surgeon who will offer what he or she thinks is better for you based on what procedure they are good at, like aesthetically, etc. Implants may be the right option but they also may be the wrong option for you. This forum is not the venue for one surgeon (me) to voice my opinion regarding this matter. You must find someone you trust, look studiously at the before and after photos, maybe speak with one of his or her patients and find someone you trust to do the work. I cannot speak as to a surgeon’s qualifications but this Web site features those who are facial plastic surgeons who are part of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) and/or who are board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS).