American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Can you help me find a specialist?

Question: Are there doctors that specialize in facial reconstructive surgery?

Answer: Almost any facial plastic surgeon is typically trained at some level with facial reconstruction.  However, some facial plastic surgeons only focus on cosmetic work, as they do not do reconstructive work or no longer take insurance to cover reconstructive procedures.  In addition, there is a wide gamut of what is meant by reconstruction, including congenital disorders (conditions you are born with like cleft lip and palate or craniofacial abnormalities), skin cancer reconstruction, major head and neck cancer reconstruction that requires free flap repairs or larger reconstructions, and of course traumatic repairs of facial fractures, etc.  Many surgeons have specialized in specific types of these repairs or lack training in some areas.  It is important to find a surgeon who has the experience, interest, and talent to help you correct your type of facial problem.

I had a botched rhinoplasty.

Question: Are there surgeons that perform corrective rhinoplasty surgeries?

Answer: Like everything there are specialists that can handle your problem.  Facial plastic surgeons are uniquely qualified to operate on the nose since they have a great understanding of both the function and the cosmetic components of the nose.  As you know, the nose is a respiratory organ and must be respected as such since it is in charge of breathing, smell, humidification, and air cleaning.  A facial plastic surgeon who works often on the nose can help determine if your cosmetic and/or functional problem can be improved and to what extent.  An honest discussion with a surgeon you trust with the right credentials and experience can help you on your way to improving your situation.  Like in life, not everything can be perfectly corrected but hopefully your situation can be improved enough that you feel better about the way you look and about your nose.