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about my Burnt face Case…

When he was a 9 month old baby, he was lying in a swing, his innocent sister burnt him with a match stick. His face got burnt from one side coz he was lying one sided!….i am cousin of Shees… Any Question Sir….!!!

Humanity Organization i am hopeful for my our face treatment because i belong to poor families…i wanna enjoy the normal life, i will a lots thankful to you… …!!!

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I got cut in my face 8 years ago i would like to have them remove

Question: Am 36 years old I got cut in my face 8years ago I would like to have them remove I realy dont know were to go are who to talk with to see if they can be remove .can someone please help me

Answer: The best thing to do is to find a surgeon on our member list (just go to the map on the home page and find a list of surgeons near your area). remember when a scar revision is performed, the goal is not to eliminate the scar but to make the line very hard to see by creating an irregular fine line like via a geometric broken line repair, w-plasty, etc. that tricks the eye into not being able to see it well. That is the art and the science of scar revision.

i had a motor cycle accident left with a facial scar on the right cheek of my face

Question: I had a motor cycle accident when I was 10,and left with a facial scar on the right cheek of my face.I like to know if I could send some pictures and get some advice and consultation on it? Thank you for time.

Answer: Thanks for the question. This Web site forum is intended for answering general questions but not for giving specific medical advice. You need to find a qualified facial plastic surgeon (listed geographically on this site) for an in-person consultation to see what would be your best options.