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clinical trials

Hi my name is Anthony Campfield. I have been taking antiretroviral drugs over 20 years. I have developed atrophy. My face has sunken in on both sides and on the temper region. I have tried sculptra but to no avail. Is there a clinical trial that i could get into to restore my face to almost permanent? This condition has cause me to have low self esteem and confidence. Thanks, your help would be deeply appreciated.

I am currently unaware of any “clinical trials” for corrective HIV related volume loss. however, there are many fillers that are both temporary and permanent other than Sculptra that may be able to work better for you. i would consult a facial plastic surgeon in your area. see the list of members on this Web site.

i have lost volume in my face i would like to get a filler

Question: I am 49 years old and have lost volume in my face. I would like to get a filler but am concerned about lumps and keloids. The plastic surgeon that I saw recommended Sculptra. What are your thoughts on this filler and how does Sculptra cause keloids? Thank you for your response.

Answer: First of all, your word choice of “keloid” needs to be clarified. A keloid is a thick thick scar that occurs only on the neck, ears, scalp, and body NOT face of individuals particularly Africans and some other ethnicities but can occur in white individuals as well. What you are probably referring to as a lump is a nodule that can occur with Sculptra product particularly in areas of high mobility like around the mouth or if the product is not placed with proper dilution. In the old days this was far more common because of low dilution of Sculptra. Today with proper dilution and proper technique and choice of facial area, the chances are far lower. I would speak with your physician about what his or her experience level is with the product and what problems he or she has encountered in the past.