Physicians-Only Business Forum | 1 PM – 5:30 PM

This program is designed to foster collaboration and give you the opportunity to share information, concerns, and common experiences with your peers in an informal setting. Gain valuable insight into the latest business challenges, marketing trends, compliance or legal issues, best practices, and strategies to help you stay competitive. The Forum is designed for physicians in all stages of their careers and is intended to allow for candid discussions about important issues affecting the health and vitality of your practice. This event is included with the registration fee.


Patient Coordinator Skills to Support a Platinum Practice | 1:30 PM–6 PM
Instructor: Karen Zupko
Whether you are a new patient care coordinator, a seasoned aesthetic surgeon, or a patient services team manager with ten years of experience, refreshers and new ideas for handling objections are always in style. This course is highly recommended for experienced patient care counselors who may fall into “this is the way we’ve always done it” syndrome. New patient care coordinators find that they leave with confidence and enthusiasm. You must be registered for the AAFPRS Annual Meeting to participate in this workshop. Additional Registration Fee Required.


Microtia Workshop | 8:10 AM—10:20 AM
Don’t miss the chance to enhance your skill and learn from microtia experts. In this one-of-a-kind workshop, participants will have the opportunity to mimic autologous rib carving on simulation cartilage blocks. Porous polyethylene implants will also be provided. Experts will share technical pearls as participants perform ear reconstructions. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today! You must be registered for the AAFPRS Annual Meeting to participate in this workshop. Additional Registration Fee Required. 
Instructors: Amit Bhrany, MD, Nikolas R. Block, MD, MS, Natalie Derise, MD, Scott J. Stephan, MD, and Julia Toman, MD

Endoscopic Brow Lift Course, Sponsored by MicroAire | 10 AM—12:20 PM
Join MicroAire for an exclusive Peer-to-Peer Endoscopic Brow Course! This lab features Endotine, a bioabsorbable implant that elevates procedures with its unique multipoint fixation technology. The Endotine browlift can be applied in less than two minutes per side and can hold over 6X the load capacity of 3-0 PDS sutures. This comprehensive training program includes both didactic education and hands-on cadaver training. Don't miss the chance to refine your skills and advance your practice. This course is not part of the official AAFPRS Foundation CME activity; however, you must be registered for the AAFPRS Annual Meeting to participate in this workshop. Additional Registration Fee Required. 

Relationship Marketing Workshop | 10:20 AM—11:20 AM
Join industry expert Karen Zupko for this exciting new offering. Attend this interactive workshop to see how you can compete by offering fantastic service and a differentiated, all important, ‘patient experience.’ Great marketing requires a lot more than SEO. See how you can improve your practice’s first impressions on the phone, via email and in person.
This event is included with the registration fee.

Desired Outcomes

•Discuss your Net Promoter Score.
•Avoid commoditization and competing on price alone.
•Understand how great service supports your fees.
•Discuss how to boost your word-of-mouth promotion and how to avoid negative word of mouth.
•Assess how to create a more memorable consultation experience that differentiates you from everybody else.
•Improve your ability to turn practice features into patient-valued benefits.

Ultrasound for Aesthetic Injectors  | 1 PM—6:20 PM
Instructor: Steven F. Weiner, MD
Gain competence and learn to inject more confidently by using ultrasound imaging for cosmetic filler treatments. Taught by Steven F. Weiner, MD, this course combines didactic education with hands-on training for a comprehensive learning experience. It is designed for Physicians, Nurse Injectors, and Physician Assistants who are involved in managing filler complications and want to take their skills–and their practice–to the next level. A certificate of completion will be provided after the meeting. You must be registered for the AAFPRS Annual Meeting to participate in this workshop. Additional Registration Fee Required. 


Synkinesis Workshop | 10:20 AM—12:20 PM 
Moderator: Samuel L. Oyer, MD, FACS
Learn about cutting-edge treatments for patients with non-flaccid facial paralysis and synkinesis. Combination panel discussion, case examples, and in-depth knowledge on the latest techniques. An emphasis will be placed on practical pearls to implement into your own practice from traditional treatments such as facial retraining and botulinum toxin to emerging surgical techniques such as selective neurectomy or myomectomy among others. This workshop is included with the registration fee.


Dermal Filler Injection & Liquid Rhinoplasty Demo | 1:30 PM—3:30 PM
Nonsurgical and minimally invasive techniques are a critical component to a facial plastic surgeon’s practice. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn tips, tricks, and techniques for ensuring beautiful results! Attend this event to hone your skills and learn how to better tailor your treatments to meet the needs and desires of your patients.
This demo is included with the registration fee.


Microvascular Workshop | 1:30 PM—6 PM
Moderator: Mark K. Wax, MD
Refine and expand your knowledge in microvascular head and neck reconstruction through this comprehensive, customized workshop. You’ll hear experts in the field discuss the nuances of microvascular reconstruction, debate principles and techniques, and evaluate cutting-edge technologies that are driving innovation. This workshop is included with the registration fee.

Practice Management Business Basics | 3:50 PM—6:10 PM
Instructor: Jay A. Shorr, BA, MBM-C, CAC I-XVI
This is a “CAN’T MISS” professional business workshop is presented by Jay Shorr, Founder and CEO of an award-winning executive practice management company. The program will specialize in the operational, administrative and financial health and guidance of your facial plastic surgery practice. During this specialized workshop, we will focus on the top 7 topics that are most imperative to business management executives, and practice owners or administrators. At the conclusion of this session, you will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with Jay Shorr. You must be registered for the AAFPRS Annual Meeting to participate in this workshop. Additional Registration Fee Required.
Topics Include:

•Risk Management
•Perfecting Negotiating Skills
•Guide to Financial Statements
•Business Plan Creation
•Preparing for the Unexpected
•Exit Strategy/Succession Planning/Asset Protection