Patient Safety

Patient safety is always the pre-eminent concern when performing facial cosmetic or reconstructive surgery and/or minimally invasive procedures in the head-and-neck region. Today, more than ever, there has been a growing number of providers who perform facial surgeries and office-based treatments; and the consumer is facing a daunting task of selecting the most qualified individual to provide superior care. 

Member surgeons of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), founded in 1964, are part of the world’s largest organization of facial plastic surgeons and are specialists in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. All members of this prestigious organization have completed a minimum of a 5-year highly competitive residency program that includes one year of general surgery and at least 4 years of training specializing only in head-and-neck surgery. Some members have elected to proceed onward with additional fellowship training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and are board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS). 

Patient safety for facial cosmetic enhancement begins with a physician who is the most well-trained in the anatomy of the head-and-neck region. Facial plastic surgeons understand the intricacies of the face that every patient deserves and can perform safe facial procedures like no one else. The extensive level of training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery required by board certified facial plastic surgeons allows members of the AAFPRS to provide the highest level of expertise, dedication and care needed to perform complex facial procedures.  Don’t you deserve the very best care for your face whether you are seeking an office-based treatment or facial surgical enhancement? 

The AAFPRS has worked tirelessly to educate the consumer about the skill and expertise of our surgeon members and to elevate the level of safety for the public. The AAFPRS helps prospective patients understand what qualifications should be held by the doctor to provide the highest degree of safety that can be afforded to you. The links below represent some of the AAFPRS safety campaigns and offer you additional information about patient safety that may interest you as an informed consumer.

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