Research Center Recipients

Congratulations to the following members for receiving these awards in 2019!

Research Scholar Award

Nate Jowett, MD, Boston, MA
“Facial EMG for Neuroprosthetic Device Control in Facial Palsy”

Resident Research Grant

Adeeb Derakhshan, MD, Cambridge, MA
“The Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Schwann Cell States Along Nerve Grafts”

Residency Travel Awards

Adeeb Derakhshan, MD, Cambridge, MA 
“Patient Reported Outcomes Following Rhinoplasty Exceed Preoperative Expectations,”
Jason Nellis, MD, Baltimore, MD
“Objective Outcomes After Gracilis Free Flap in Patients with Incomplete Facial Paralysis”

John Orlando Roe Award

Thuy Van Tina Ho, MD, Chicago, IL
“Premaxillary Injection for Perioral Rejuvenation and Lip Enhancement”

Sir Harold Delf Gilles

Jason M. Pou, MD, Atlanta, GA
“Evaluation of Collagen Density after Poly-L-Lactic Acid and Microneedling; An In-vivo Study”