Fellowship Application Process

Each applicant will be required to register to access the fellowship application.  Click here to access the Fellowship Database to register.

The Fellowship Database is a requirement of the fellowship program from the application process through the completion of fellowship requirements. Please be sure you have met all prerequisites for applying for an AAFPRS Foundation fellowship prior to requesting access to the application.

The following are requirements of the application process:

  • Complete each tab of the application
  • Upload Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Upload Future Plans Statement which should include your future goals intentions, and why have chosen facial plastic surgery
  • Upload Medical School Transcript (which is official with the Registrar’s signature)
  • 3 letters of reference (1 must be from the Program Director/Department Chair or Chief)
  • Application fee

All requirements and application fees must be submitted by February 1st to be distributed by mid-February.   

Application Fees

A $175 application fee is required to apply to 10 programs or less. There is an additional fee of $15.00 per program for applicants who wish to apply for more than 10 programs.  A $75 match registration must be paid directly to the SF Match office. Visit the SF Match website for additional information (www.sfmatch.org).  A $125 late fee will be required for applications submitted after February 1st.  Please note, no applications will be processed after February 1st without payment of late fee.  Credit card payments can be submitted over the phone by calling (703) 650-9236 or via secure fax to (703) 299-8284.  


Application Deadline

February 1st

Late Filing Deadline

March 1st (for applicants applying after February 1st)

No application will be accepted after the March 1st late deadline.  Interviews should be conducted between March 1 and May 31 of the application year preceding the fellowship start date.  Applicants are encouraged to interview with Directors whose practice and teaching best supplement their residency training and future practice plans and/or teaching interests.  It is the responsibility of applicants to follow up directly with the fellowship director(s) they have selected for an interview.  Candidates are placed each year in June by a match process.  A director who selects an IMG for the position offered in a given fellowship year must withdraw from the match and notify the Fellowship Committee by the Spring Meeting. 

Match Process

All applications must come through the AAFPRS Foundation to be recognized as an official applicant of the Facial Plastic Surgery Match.  The $75 match fee must be paid directly to the SF Match office.  The submission of a fellowship application is an agreement to participate in the match.  IMG will not participate in the match as part of the application process. Detailed match information, including candidate and director identification numbers, and rank list information is provided directly from the SF Match Office.  Visit the SF Match website for additional information (www.sfmatch.org). 

Additional Resources

Click below to download:
Fellowship Handbook  (to view all requirements of the Fellowship Program)
Fellowship Descriptions Handbook  (to view a complete description of available Fellowship Programs)

Alka Desai
Phone: (703) 650-9236
Email: fellowships@aafprs.org