Facing a Global Need

FACE TO FACE (FTF) International is a humanitarian program conducted under the auspices of the AAFPRS Foundation.

This program primarily focuses on children in other countries, that have been faced with emotional challenges due to facial deformities caused by birth or trauma.  FTF International makes the educational exchange among facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons all over the world an integral part of its program. Our surgeons are men and women who believe that a more lasting impact is made in communities when our FTF teams work side-by-side with local medical personnel to manage an individual’s care.

A bond of mutual respect is forged as different surgical approaches are discussed and demonstrated. Our volunteers and hosts orally exchange case analysis and share published information. This exchange of information, knowledge, and techniques is encouraged and contributes to the long-term success of the program. The program is devoted to expanding the knowledge and improving the skills of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons in every corner of the world.  Recent missions have included: Guatemala, China, Vietnam, Lima and Ica, Peru, four sites in India, Ethiopia, Haiti and Cambodia.

FACE TO FACE International appreciates donations of medical supplies and equipment. When budgets permit, FTF provides funding to offset hospital costs, costs for equipment, supplies, or travel for individuals such as Nurses, Fellows or Residents.
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If you are an active AAFPRS Member and would like to volunteer in the FACE TO FACE International Program, please contact Karen Sloat at ksloat@aafprs.org 

Disclaimer: The AAFPRS Foundation does not provide medical and/or surgical care and does not enter into a physician/patient relationship with anyone. Not all AAFPRS members perform all procedures included in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. The AAFPRS Foundation makes no warranties or representations about the skills of individual physicians or surgeons or their abilities. Inclusion of a surgeon as a volunteer for this program does not indicate that the surgeon is qualified to perform the surgery needed. The AAFPRS Foundation does not provide medical advice, and no one should rely on statements made by the AAFPRS Foundation in this reference as providing such advice. Patients should rely exclusively on their physicians and surgeons for such advice.