Fellowship Directors

Fellowship directors are recognized authorities in the teaching and practice of facial plastic surgery. They are private practitioners, academicians, or a combination of both. Applicants are encouraged to choose directors whose practice and teaching best supplement their residency training and future practice plans and teaching interests. Although the clinical experience may vary according to individual director’s interest and experience, the fellowship criteria and curriculum, including videotapes, provide a common base for the program.

Please download the Fellowship Descriptions Handbook       to view program details. 

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Jamil Asaria, MD, Toronto, Ontario
Babak Azizzadeh, MD, Co-Director,
Beverly Hills, CA
Jose Barrera, MD, San Antonio, TX
Daniel Becker, MD, Sewell, NJ
Amit Bhrany, MD, Seattle, WA
Jason Bloom, MD, Co-Director, 
Ardmore, PA
Kofi Boahene, MD, Baltimore, MD
Gregory H. Branham, MD
, St. Louis, MO
Anthony Brissett, MD, Houston, TX
Edward Buckingham, MD
, Rolingwood, TX
Paige Bundrick, MD, Shreveport, LA
Patrick Byrne, MD, Cleveland, OH
Theodore Chen, MD,
Irvine, CA
John Chi, MD, Co-Director,
St. Louis, MO
J. Madison Clark, MD, Chapel Hill, NC
Peter D. Costantino, MD, New York, NY
Richard E. Davis, MD, Miami Beach, FL
Steven H. Dayan, MD, Chicago, IL
Louis M. DeJoseph, MD, Atlanta, GA
Shaun Desai, MD, Co-Director,
Baltimore, MD
Harley Dresner, MD, St Paul, MN
Yadro Ducic, MD, Fort Worth, TX
Edward H. Farrior, MD, Tampa, FL
Andrew S. Frankel, MD, Beverly Hills, CA
Oren Friedman, MD, Co-Director,
Philadelphia, PA
Michael Fritz, MD, Cleveland, OH
Richard Gangnes, MD,
Irvine, CA
Mark J. Glasgold, MD, Co-Director,
Highland Park, NJ
Robert A. Glasgold, MD, Highland Park, NJ
Michael S. Godin, MD, Richmond, VA
Tessa A. Hadlock, MD, Boston, MA
Ryan Heffelfinger, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Jill Hessler, MD, Palo Alto, CA
Peter A. Hilger, MD
, Co-Director,
Edina, MN
Clinton Humphrey, MD, Co-Director,
Kansas City, KS
Andrew A. Jacono, MD, Great Neck, NY
Brian S. Jewett, MD, Co-Director, Miami, FL
Gregory S. Keller, MD, Santa Barbara, CA
David W. Kim, MD, Co-Director,
San Francisco, CA
Jennifer C. Kim, MD, Co-Director,
Ann Arbor, MI
Philip Knott, MD, San Francisco, CA
Howard D. Krein, MD, Co-Director,
Philadelphia, PA
Russell W.H. Kridel, MD, Houston, TX
J. David Kriet, MD, Kansas City, KS
Philip R. Langsdon, MD, Germantown, TN
William Lawson, MD, DDS, New York, NY

David M. Lieberman, MD, Co-Director,
Palo Alto, CA
Corey S. Maas, MD, San Francisco, CA
E. Gaylon McCollough, MD, Gulf Shores, AL
Philip J. Miller, MD FACS, New York, NY
Harry Mittelman, MD, Menlo Park, CA
Sam P. Most, MD, Stanford, CA
Jeffrey S. Moyer, MD, Livonia, MI
Paul S. Nassif, MD, Beverly Hills, CA
Michael Nuara, MD, Seattle, WA
Ira D. Papel, MD, Co-Director, Baltimore, MD
Sachin Parikh, MD, C-Director,
Palo Alto, CA
Krishna Patel, MD, Charleston, SC
Sachin Pawar, MD, Milwaukee, WI
Steven J. Pearlman, MD, Co-Director,
New York, NY
Stephen W. Perkins, MD, Indianapolis, IN
Vito C. Quatela, MD, Rochester, NY
Jeffrey Rawnsley, MD, Co-Director,
Los Angeles, CA
John Rhee, MD, Co-Director, Milwaukee, WI
Thomas Romo, MD, Co-Director,
New York, NY
Joshua Rosenberg, MD, Co-Director,
New York, NY
Daniel E. Rousso, MD, Birmingham, AL
Rahul Seth, MD, Co-Director,
San Francisco, CA
Taha Shipchandler, MD, Indianapolis, IN
William Shockley, MD, Co-Director,
Chapel Hill, NC
Douglas M. Sidle, MD, Chicago, IL
Oakley Smith, MD, Toronto, Ontario
Jeffrey H. Spiegel, MD, Chestnut Hills, MA
Scott Stephan, MD, Nashville, TN
Fred J. Stucker, MD,
Shreveport, LA
Amar C. Suryadevara, MD, Co-Director,
Fayetteville, NY
Jonathan M. Sykes, MD, Sacramento, CA
Sherard A. Tatum, MD, Co-Director,
Syracuse, NY
J. Regan Thomas, MD, Co-Director,
Chicago, IL
Travis Tollefson, MD, Sacramento, CA
Dean M. Toriumi, MD
, Chicago, IL
Tom D. Wang, MD, Portland, OR
P. Daniel Ward, MD, Salt Lake City, UT
Mark K. Wax, MD, Portland, OR
Edwin F. Williams, MD, Latham, NY
Brian J. Wong, MD, Irvine, CA