The AAFPRS International Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons (ISRS) advances the worldwide specialty of rhinoplasty surgery through education, research, networking and other resources highlighting innovation in surgical rhinoplasty procedures, while promoting and recognizing the ISRS rhinoplasty members as experts in the field.

Become a Rhinoplasty Fellow

An ISRS Rhinoplasty Fellow exemplifies the pinnacle of expertise and knowledge in rhinoplasty—and must meet the following requirements:

  • Perform a minimum of 25 rhinoplasty surgeries each year
  • Attend at least one AAFPRS Rhinoplasty meeting every two years
  • Obtain at least one reference from an AAFPRS Fellow or International Fellow member
  • Attain AAFPRS Fellow or International Fellow membership status (prior to applying)
ISRS applications are reviewed and approved on an on-going basis—access membership documents  today!

Rhinoplasty Fellow Benefits

ISRS Rhinoplasty Fellows receive the following benefits upon meeting the rigorous criteria and acceptance into the ISRS:

  • Recognition as an ISRS Rhinoplasty Fellow specialist
  • ISRS logo for your website
  • ISRS electronic badge for use within the AAFPRS Find a Surgeon site and AAFPRS Connect profile
  • Inclusion in the exclusive ISRS online collaborative community for networking with your peers
  • Exclusive opportunities to present education and write articles – Highlighting your expertise and advancing the field
  • Press release to highlight the attainment of ISRS Rhinoplasty Fellow status
  • Opportunities to participate in future research initiatives

ISRS Committee

  • Edwin F. Williams, III, MD, Chair
  • Peter A. Adamson, MD
  • Roxanna Cobo, MD
  • Jaimie DeRosa, MD
  • Jason Hamilton, MD
  • David Kim, MD
  • Vito Quatela, MD

Contact ISRS and Join Today!

Phone: (703) 299-9291 | Email: isrs@aafprs.org