Did you know there are lots of business opportunities when you participant in an AAFPRS Academy or Foundation  committee? 

Here are the Top 8 Reasons to get involved!

1. Leadership Opportunities
Committees serve as a training ground for future leaders.  Through consistent and active participation on a committee, you'll have the opportunity to someday serve as a committee chair or board member.

2. Development

Committee participation can assist with uncovering and developing business insights that you can utilize in your practice.

Experience how AAFPRS works and the effort that goes into making your professional society a success!

4. Relationships/Networking

Joining a committee helps you build a stronger relationship with other AAFPRS members and affiliates.

5. Service

Your contributions will undoubtedly lend to the future growth and success of the organization that supports you as a Facial Plastic Surgeon.

6. Guidance

Committees enhance the effectiveness of the Board of Directors by providing research analysis and advice needed for policy decisions.

7. Visibility

When you participate on a committee, your peers will see you in action!

8. Pay it Forward

Give back to the industry by making a difference in committee involvement. 

Interested in Participating?
Submit a request via email to  Space is limited, so please be sure to include all of the committees you are interested in serving on for better placement opportunities.

If you have questions regarding committee charges or appointments, please contact the AAFPRS Director of Member Relations at (703) 299-9291