Academy Committees

The Academy Committees work under the direction of the Board of Directors to help advance the mission of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Reviews the audited statements of the Academy and performs inquiries and reviews as it deems appropriate to ensure itself of the proper use of Academy funds.

Verifies the qualifications of applicants to become fellows, members, and international members and conducts investigations, personal interviews, or inquiries it deems necessary.

Reviews and disseminates information on innovations in treat-ment, surgical procedures, implants and other devices; recommends policies relating to surgical techniques and devices in the interest of providing the best possible care for patients.

Responsible for complaint and grievance review regarding moral and ethical issues. All complaints or requests for disciplinary action shall be made in writing and addressed to the executive vice president of the Academy. The committee shall consist of the immediate past president as chair, as well as three other past presidents, two AAFPRS board members and two other fellows appointed by the president, chairs of committees governing credentials, public information and young physicians.

Reviews new members and retention statistics and makes recommendations to the Academy Board of Directors regarding membership goals; reviews membership promotions program, including international membership; and makes suggestions to staff and Board of Directors as appropriate.

Maintains continuing communication with residency training directors and facial plastic contacts; encourages teaching of facial plastic surgery in residency programs; recommends to the Foundation Board of Directors videotapes that should be offered to residency programs at a discount; and promotes Academy membership and benefits to residents.

Electronic Media Subcommittee - Makes recommendations to the Academy Board of Directors regarding future topics for the John Dickinson Memorial Library, and videotapes that should be withdrawn; identifies and helps solicit commercial support for the development of videotapes; may make recommendations to the Academy Board of Directors concerning the development of audiovisual materials for instructional or marketing purposes; reviews the use of the Learning Center and may make recommendations regarding its staffing, equipment, refurbishing, and funding. Recommendations are forwarded from the Academy Board to the Foundation Board.

Editorial Review Subcommittee - Reviews and approves story lines and timelines in advance for both Facial Plastic Times and Facial Plastic Surgery Today; reviews copy for Facial Plastic Surgery Today to ensure content accuracy.

Publications Subcommittee - Reviews and suggests updating of patient brochures, as well as new titles; recommends editorial policy for Facial Plastic Times and Facial Plastic Surgery Today; and oversees publication of other printed communications as directed by Academy Board of Directors.

Worldwide Web Subcommittee - Reviews all matters related to the structure and content of the AAFPRS Web site. Recommends to the Board of Directors policies to govern this communications and public information medium.

Nominates two persons each year for each position vacant on the Nominating Committee. It must nominate at least two candidates for all other vacant positions.

Promotes and disseminates information on patient safety and quality improvement practices within the specialty of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery; creates and coordinates patient safety activities and programs; provides guidance to Academy representative to the AAAHC Board and makes recommendations to the AAFPRS Board in regard to policies and programs concerning ambulatory health care.

Develops overall strategy for public information programs for approval by Academy Board of Directors; recommends pro-grams and budget for public information activities to Board of Directors; and establishes a reciprocal liaison with the Academy's public relations firm.

Monitors medical-related activities of federal and state legislatures and state boards of medicine, and socioeconomic developments at all levels that affect facial plastic surgeons and, as appropriate, recommends action(s) to the Academy Board of Directors; recommends presentations and topics to program chairmen and to publications committee; maintains liaison with appropriate AAO-HNS committee(s) as well as with committees of other organizations; works to build stronger alliances with other specialty groups in support of mutual goals; makes recommendations to the appropriate education committee regarding inter-specialty programs; and provides guidelines and suggests policies for issues related to all aspects of a facial plastic surgery practice.

Provides support to female members; recruits and encourages women to pursue careers in facial plastic surgery; and encourages participation by our female members in research, education, and leadership roles in the AAFPRS and the medical community. An annual luncheon with distinguished speaker takes place at the Fall Meeting.

Provides a vehicle to formulate and present to the Board matters of concern to young physicians; serves as mentors to their peers and helps increase the visibility of those issues; and enhances the educational experience for young facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons as it relates to their training and expertise.

Interested in Participating?

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If you have questions regarding committee charges or appointments, please contact the AAFPRS Director of Member Relations at (703) 299-9291