AAFPRS Foundation Committees

The AAFPRS Foundation Committees work under the direction of the Board of Directors to help advance the mission of the Educational & Research Foundation for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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In partnership with the Chairs of the Membership/Residency Relations Committee, Multimedia Committee, CME Committee and Fellowship Committee, develops an overall strategy for enhancing aspects of AAFPRS CONNECT educational portal, and providing courses and educational materials to provide members with a world class educational experience. Assures consistency and continuity across these committees to maximize member benefit and minimize redundancies and duplication of work effort. Assures that the AAFPRS learning management platform is user friendly and meets the online educational needs of AAFPRS Members.

The Audit Committee Members are elected by the AAFPRS Membership. The Committee reviews the audited statements of the Academy and Foundation and performs inquiries and reviews as it deems appropriate to ensure itself of the proper use of Academy and Foundation funds.

The awards committee recommends criteria for Shuster and Tresley and Residency Travel awards to Foundation board of directors; works with staff to publicize Shuster and Tresley and Residency Travel awards; selects Shuster and Tresley and Residency Travel Award winners; coordinates with the Fellowship Research Review Subcommittee to be certain that it does not recommend Roe and Gillies winners (graduate fellows papers) for the Shuster award; accepts nominations from regional Vice Presidents and other members and selects winners for the F. Mark Rafaty Memorial Award and the William K. Wright Award; and the John Dickinson Teacher Award and the Community Service Award. may make recommendations concerning other awards to Academy or Foundation board of directors.

Recommend individuals to be course chairs for AAFPRS Foundation educational activities. These can be submitted on an ongoing basis, but the committee will receive a formal request for course chair recommendations each year. The ultimate decision is made by either the current or incoming AAFPRS President with input from AAFPRS leadership. Help ensure that AAFPRS Foundation educational activities offer high-quality, cutting-edge content and adhere to ACCME Guidelines. Periodically review the clinical and business education programs for AAFPRS Foundation in-person conferences and virtual events making recommendations for improvements potential enhancements or topics that should be considered for future (if applicable.) Review posters (on site or virtually) and serve as judges for the outstanding poster awards (Annual Meeting.) Alert the AAFPRS staff or course chairs of any perceived conflicts of interest or commercial bias from the conference faculty when attending in-person events and/or virtual/online events and presentations. If requested by the CONNECT Committee, review videos to determine suitability for CME credit. Review disclosures for AAFPRS Foundation meetings prior to the event to identify any potential conflicts of interest or issue that may impact ACCME compliance. Review pre-recorded presentation videos and any presentation slides to ensure suitability and adherence to ACCME guidelines (virtual meetings).

Recommends to Foundation Board of Directors criteria, encourages entries, and selects winners for the Leslie Bernstein Resident Research, Investigator Development, and the Bernstein Research Grants; for the Research Center oversees the Research Scholar Award, Wally K. Dyer Clinical Investigator Award, and the Clinical Research Scholarship; oversees all research activities and encourages research in facial plastic surgery at all levels: identifies research areas of strategic importance in facial plastic surgery and makes recommendations to the Foundation or Academy Board of Directors related to those areas. Develops short and long-term strategies to incorporate evidence-based medicine into our facial plastic surgeon culture. No member of the research committee may apply for or receive a research award while a member of the research committee.

Reviews the investment of endowment funds and makes recommendations, if/as needed, to the Foundation Board. The six-person committee consists of the treasurer, treasurer- elect, executive vice president, two fellows of the Academy and a chair appointed by the Foundation Board of Directors. The chair and Academy fellows serve a three-year term and may be reappointed.

The FACE TO FACE (FTF) Committee develops recommendations and programming which offer services of AAFPRS members on a pro bono basis via several humanitarian programs, including FTF International, FTF Domestic Violence and FTF FACES OF HONOR; works with the Specialty Surgery Subcommittees regarding outreach programs; and collects data regarding its humanitarian programs.

The Fellowship Committee: recommends preceptors to the Foundation board of directors; reviews the work of all preceptors; provides structure for testing and certification of those completing fellowship program; recommends to the Foundation board of directors those who are to receive graduate fellows certificates; encourages participation in the fellowship program as preceptors and fellows; recommends to the Foundation board of directors a core curriculum for all AAFPRS fellowship programs; and recommends to the Foundation board of director strategies to gain accreditation for the fellowship program.

The Fellowship Curriculum Subcommittee reviews and produces up-to-date study materials for the end-fellowship exam.

The Fellows-in-Training (FIT) Subcommittee is charged with:

  • Providing informational and educational support to current and past fellows.
  • Providing a list of webinars and meetings for fellow participation.
  • Assisting fellows with preparing for the end-fellowship examination through study groups and other study guides.
  • Assisting past fellows preparing for Board certification.
  • Answering questions fellows may have regarding employment opportunities, interviews, or situations requiring dialogue between colleagues.
  • Posting monthly communications through the committee portal ensuring fellows are aware of the subcommittee’s availability and encouraging fellows to network actively with their FIT peers via our CONNECT community and beyond.
  • Providing recommendations to the Curriculum Subcommittee for the bibliography and video updates.

The Fellowship Research Review Subcommittee reviews all fellowship abstracts and papers and selects the winners for the John Orland Roe and Sir Harold Delf Gilles Awards. This Subcommittee also reviews and approves the research surveys developed by fellows-in-training for distribution to the AAFPRS membership, so as to assist fellows-in-training with requesting survey participation to assist them with completing the research components of their fellowship.

The Industry Relations and Engagement Committee identifies and recommends a variety of strategic approaches for the AAFPRS to establish and grow mutual, meaningful, collaborative, and trusting relationships with Industry Stakeholders. Seeking to leverage our common values and goals to advance quality care, services and products in our Specialty, the committee works to advance Industry engagement concepts, reaffirm (and revamp, as needed) solid existing collaborations, and ultimately deliver on a strategic vision that will produce mutual benefits for the AAFPRS, Industry and our common customers/members alike.

The Specialty Surgery Committee has three sub-committees: Cleft and Anomaly, Reconstructive and Gender Affirmation Facial Surgery. The overall goal of each subcommittee is to promote and advance the field of reconstruction surgery and cleft and congenital anomalies surgery surrounding the face, head and neck within and outside the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Each subcommittee seeks to accomplish this through:

  1. The advancement of topics within facial reconstructive surgery at AAFPRS and other sponsored events.
  2. The promotion of educational activities or tools designed to enhance the understanding of the sub-specialty among the community.
  3. Coordination of educational activities with other medical societies to build and strengthen relationships.

Interested in Participating?

Submit a request via email to info@aafprs.org.  Space is limited, so please be sure to include all of the committees you are interested in serving on for better placement opportunities.

If you have questions regarding committee charges or appointments, please contact the AAFPRS Director of Member Relations at (703) 299-9291