AAFPRS Foundation Committees

The AAFPRS Foundation Committees work under the direction of the Board of Directors to help advance the mission of the Educational & Research Foundation for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Recommends criteria for all awards to the Foundation Board; works with staff to publicize awards; selects award recipients; coordinates with the Fellowship Research Review subcommittee for recommendation of the Roe and Gillies awards; and may make recommendations concerning other new awards to Foundation Board.

Reviews the overall CME program; sets CME educational standards; makes recommendations to the Foundation Board for courses to be scheduled; designs and evaluates individual courses to be offered for CME credit each year; assesses educational needs and creates objectives for CME activities; reviews financial statements from courses and the CME program as a whole; recommends policies to the Foundation Board regarding the CME program; sets location and dates of courses; seeks course directors and faculty members as appropriate to the topic and content of individual courses; and reviews member proposals for courses.

Handles the investment of endowment funds, which are recommended to the Foundation Board. The six-person committee consists of the treasurer, treasurer-elect, executive vice president, two fellows of the Academy, and a chair appointed by the Foundation Board of directors. The chair and Academy fellows serve a three-year term and may be reappointed. This committee will report to the Foundation Board of directors at least annually.

Develops recommendations and programming which offer the services of AAFPRS members on a pro bono basis; works with the Specialty Surgery Subcommittees regarding outreach programs.

As a full committee and via recommen-dations of its two subcommittees (Fellowship Curriculum and Fellowship Research Review), the committee recommends overall policies and procedures of the Fellowship Program to the Foundation Board of Directors; encourages participation in the fellow-ship program; and recommends to the Foundation Board of Directors a curriculum for the fellowship program. The Fellowship Research Review Subcommittee reviews all fellowship abstracts and papers and selects the winners for the John Orlando Roe and Sir Harold Delf Gillies Awards. The Fellowship Curriculum Subcommittee reviews and produces up-to-date study materials for the end-fellowship exam.

Helps support the creation of an international education and training program; helps collect, retain, and display historical memorabilia instructive on the subject of the development of facial plastic surgery; and helps support fund raising for the Foundation and other projects and tasks which are consistent with the Foundation's programs.

Creates a forum for the exchange of information and ideas with industry to perpetuate educational excellence and patient safety. It also hosts an exhibitor/TILC breakfast at each Fall Meeting.

Develops an overall strategy for enhancing all aspects of the LEARN educational portal and assures consistency and continuity with all other committees, particularly the Membership/Residency Relations Committee, Multimedia Committee, CME Committee and Fellowship Committee. Identifies courses and educational materials to provide members with a world class educational experience. Recommends a plan each year that outlines key areas for development. Submits the yearly plan to the Foundation Board of Directors for approval for inclusion in the appropriate Foundation budget.

Recommends to Foundation Board of Directors criteria, encourages entries, and selects winners for the Leslie Bernstein Resident Research, Investigator Development, and the Bernstein Research Grants; for the Research Center oversees the Research Scholar Award, Wally K. Dyer Clinical Investigator Award, and the Clinical Research Scholarship; oversees all research activities and encourages research in facial plastic surgery at all levels; identifies research areas of strategic importance in facial plastic surgery and makes recommendations to the Foundation or Academy Board of Directors related to those areas. Develops short and long-term strategies to incorporate evidence-based medicine into our facial plastic surgeon culture.

The overall goal of each subcommittee is to promote and advance the field of reconstruction surgery and cleft and congenital anomalies surgery surrounding the face, head and neck within and outside the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Each subcommittee seeks to accomplish this through:

1. The advancement of topics within facial reconstructive surgery at AAFPRS and other sponsored events.

2. The promotion of educational activities or tools designed to enhance the understanding of the sub-specialty among the community.

3. Coordination of educational activities with other medical societies to build and strengthen relationships.

Develops short and long term strategies to meet the goals of the Academy and Foundation.

Interested in Participating?

Submit a request via email to info@aafprs.org.  Space is limited, so please be sure to include all of the committees you are interested in serving on for better placement opportunities.

If you have questions regarding committee charges or appointments, please contact the AAFPRS Director of Member Relations at (703) 299-9291